About Us.


ZSE TRADE is a person-to-person zsecoin Exchange/ Trading site.


As ZSE TRADE Members and any other none members that share in our ideology, we know that the safest and most independent way to build up our finances and liberate ourselves and our communities is through the use of cryptocurrencies for the simple fact that they are not cosmetically controlled by people with devious interests.


The cryptocurrency of choice is zsecoin. Zsecoin has been around for a trustable period of time now and it's track record is clear. 




This site has been developed to help make buying and selling zsecoin easy for everyone and it adopts the ZSE TRADE method of peer-to-peer trading. The focus is for people in all countries. Bank deposits for the moment will be the most used method of payment, it only makes sense that the focus is narrowed to a geographical area that makes this method of transaction most effective.


Merits of using ZSE TRADE to Exchange Zsecoin


-     Trade process duration from the creation of the user account to having zsecoins in your wallet is few minutes.

-     ZSE TRADE payment method supports wide range of world payment methods.

-     Read more about the security features in the ZSE TRADE site security guide.